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Why don’t you start Budo this year?

Our Karate Dojo is unique with a very high percentage of women.
So, we teach beginners with easy-to-understand way.

Of course, many men attend the class.
Now Japanese are many, but we welcome the foreigners living in Japan proactively from this year. Karate is a Budo which you can improve and get black belt regardless of the sex, athletic ability or nationality if you keep lesson.

There is no problem even if you don’t understand Japanese, because you can learn Karate by its move more than the words.

The students in Dojo are very kind, so you can enjoy the merit that you can master Japanese language speedy.

If you will stay Japan for long time or even short time, why don’t you enjoy Karate?

We look forward to seeing you soon.

If you are interested, you are welcomed to try the trial lesson!

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