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Welcome to Trial Lesson!

Hi, I’m Saito, the representative of Daikanyama Karate School in Omotesando.

Our school provides the lesson with fun and safety at Omotesando, the culture central of Tokyo.

We provide the trial lesson in the beginner class every Wednesday 19:30- and Saturday 13:00-.

The trial lesson is for the beginners to try basic manners and techniques.

The lesson is by Japanese language, but there is no problem if you don’t understand Japanese because you can understand by the body moves.

Sometimes most of the beginners class’s students are women, however, there are many men students, too.

We present you Karate uniform if you sign up on the day of the trial lesson.

Why don’t you learn Japanese traditional Budo, Karate with fun together?
We are waiting for your coming.

You can find our advertisement during March and April in the free magazine “MetroPolis”.
Please check it out!

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