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Wellcome Daikanyama Karate School

Hi, I’m Saito, the representative of Daikanyama Karate School.
Thank you for visiting our website.

Karate is one of Japanese Budo which is comprised of the lesson such as Tuki (punch) and Keri (Kick)It is also a Bujutu and a martial arts which cultivates the strong body and heart.

In Japan, some people might have image about Karate as “scary” or “painful”. Some people say they don’t have courage to try lesson even if they are interested in Karate.

However, In Daikanyama Karate school, we teach you Karate with fun and in an easy-to-understand, and polite manner.

Our Dojo is located in Omotesando, which is the center of Japanese culture and information. 70% of our students are women. You can improve Karate and Japanese skill with friendly atomosphere.

If you are interested in, please come and join the trial lesson!

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