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Trial lessons from abroad.(The first)

イギリスDSC_0886.JPG イギリス2

united kingdom

united kingdom 2 

ロシア ロシア2


Russia 2 

イギリス3  イギリス3

united kingdom 

united kingdom 2

トルコ フランス



For foreigners who come to Japan for sightseeing.

→You can enjoy either a trial lesson or a personal lesson.

 ◇Trial lesson

    →You can join our usual class and learn karate with other students. It costs 7,000yen per person.

 ◇Personal lesson

    →Mr. Saito, our school's top instructor will give you a person-to-person lesson for 80 minutes. It costs 12,000yen per person.

    How to pay is limited to only in cash. We don't accept credit cards and so on.
    There's a discount in case you come to a lesoon in a group.

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