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Therese Female

1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?

I wanted to express a part of myself that cannot be expressed in my everyday life.

2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?

I was looking for a school that is conveniently located and offers private lessons because I wanted to learn the techniques quickly and accurately. Daikanyama Karate School provides just what I need. I like the way Saito Shihan pays attention to details and customises the lessons to suit my pace and interests.

3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?

At first, I felt a bit nervous and tended to think too much about each move. As time went on, I feel more relaxed and instead of relying on mental concentration, I can let my body do the movements by itself. I also feel fitter in general.

4.What are your goals in the future?

I would like to perfect the basic techniques, build stamina and learn more sequences.

Therese Female

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