005.JPGAfter an exhausting day of work, I love attending karate class and shouting “Osu!”.

I enjoy karate for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is it’s sense of progress. Karate belts give you a concrete goal to strive towards. Each belt has it’s own requirements. I enjoy setting my own personal goals, and moving at my own pace. Each belt attained conveys a sense of accomplishment and visible progress.

As you progress through the ranks of belts, you notice changes in yourself. Not only have I gotten into better shape, but I’ve also noticed improved concentration and positive changes in my sleeping habits. Overall, I feel healthier and more energetic.

As a foreigner (from America), karate class is also a great place to learn new Japanese that I wouldn’t normally pickup in my daily life. Where else could I learn how to say “driving knife-hand collarbone strike” in Japanese? :)

I always enjoy attending class at Daikanyama Karate School. While the workout itself may be tough, the atmosphere and the general instruction is always enjoyable. All the students seem to get along with each other, and it is friendly environment. The explanations from the teachers are clear and concise, and I learn something new at almost every class.

For me, karate is something I really enjoy and want to continue practicing for as long as I physically can. I know a karate instructor who lays on his bed each night and practices his side-kicks before going to sleep - he is 89 years old. I use this as a personal motivation to keep improving and having fun while doing it. Osu!

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