001.JPGTwo and half years has passed since I started learning at Daikanyama Karate School.
I signed up the trial lesson because I had been interested in Karate. At that time, I was not satisfied with my everyday with lot of work and lack of exercise.
I signed up the school right after the trial lesson, because I liked the warm atmosphere.

It’s very cool to make my loud voice, kick up the mitt, and sweat!

I can be intimate with people who I don’t meet usually, by sharing the time together here.
I like the moment that I leave the school with saying “see you next week!”

Now I can play the technique or Kata form which I had felt very difficult at the beginning. I was so glad when I found my growth. I am so happy when my belt color become the one with the higher level!

I would like to keep learning Karate with fun and with my own pace.

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