004ichikawa.JPGI have been interested in Budo since I was child.
However, I was not enough motivated to start because I'm not good at exercise, and worried about the tough atmosphere.
I was also worried that maybe I can’t continue if there are so many classes per week.

Then, finally I found Daikanyama Karate School, when I was looking for any school to solve my lack of exercise and improve my toughness.

I thought I can keep learning in this school, so I signed up right after the trail lesson.
The reason I chose this school is

1. good location
2. The exercise room and changing room are clean and nice.
3. Good and polite lesson

My toughness improved than before, and also I became good at controlling my mind with refreshment by the lesson every week. I can switch my mind very easily.

The happiest surprise is that my poor blood circulation is cured!
I will keep learning Karate with fun with my own pace.

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