004.JPGI wasn’t used to exercise and I didn’t do anything although I felt I need to.
One day, I had chance to measure my body composition, which made me surprised and feel like starting something because I had higher percentage of body fat and lesser muscle mass than I had expected.

I found “Karate” while I was searching for many kinds of enrichment lesson. I imagined that it must be cool if I could master Karate. Then, I ran across the website of Daikanyama Karate School. The atmosphere looked nice as there are many women, and also it was attractive that I can attend the class as many as I want per month.

I decided to sign up on the day of trial lesson because the lesson by Saito-Sensei and other instructors was easy to understand, and the contents of lesson looked easy to continue even for the beginners.

10 months has passed since I started. The percentage of my body fat decreased for 10% to the average level. My muscle increased moderately and my metabolism improved.

Moving my body and letting out my voice can reduce my stress. To realize my improvement every time I attend the class provides me a motivation.
I am eager to improve myself more by lesson.

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