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Kojima’s black belt report 2012.11.24

002.JPGMy name is Kojima. I got my black belt after the test on this October.
I had belonged to Karate club when I was in the high school. As the school of Karate was different from that of Daikanyama Karate school, I was confused first even to take the position to the ready.
However, I took part in the class as much as possible especially for the day of the week which I decided to go, because I was glad to realize my progress every time.
Participation in the class also gave me powers even after I was depressed by my work at the office.
After three and half years in the school, I was advised by Saito Shihan to try test for the black belt.
What you are requested to do at the test for the black belt depends the situation of each students. What I was requested to do was to show my Pin-An Kata from 1st Pin-An to 4th Pin-An for two times each.
On the day of the test, I was too nervous to show my Kara perfectly in the atmosphere of the class which is totally different from usual. However, I got chance to show my Kata again to finish my test successfully, and I was approved to have my black belt.
My school mates encouraged me, and some of them even stayed late in Dojo just to see and await the outcome of my test, which means they gave me powers also on the day of the test!
After my entrance to the school three and half years ago, my techniques of Karate improved, and also my humanity improved by the interaction with my school mates.
Finally, I want to express my sincere appreciation for Saito Shihan, Oshima teacher and everyone who has continued the lesson with me.
I will keep my lesson with enjoy as same as before. I would be grateful for your support. Thank you.

Akane Kojima

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