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Iwamoto Male

1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?

I became interested in Karate after seeing it featured on the TV.
After looking at the information on the school’s website, knowing that the school also offers personal lessons, I’ve decided to try practicing the martial art.

2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?

Due to the nature of my work, I can only practice Karate during the morning on Thursday. It was very fortunate for me as the instructor gladly agreed to hold personal lessons for me during this time.
In addition, I decided to take personal lessons as I would like to learn each technique in the most accurate and thorough manner.

3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?

I stopped my habit of drinking after 20:00 PM on the day before our training sessions.

4.What are your goals in the future?

I will achieve the black-belt grade in 2020!

Iwamoto Male

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